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Pierre Ozoux

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower

2 min read

Maybe you saw that revelation of facebook breach.

A lot of people are shocked, and it was also for me the drop to quit facebook.

But, it is really nothing new. we accepted it, even if we didn't read the terms.

Surveillance capitalism, is really bad for democracy, and since Snowden revelation, we know that they collaborate with state surveillance, which is nothing to reassure citizens from the world. And as you can see, even in our so called "democracy" the leader can change quickly to somebody you didn't really expect to have all this data in their hand.

I'll make here a little list of articles that prove that it is nothing new, and shocked me before:

Our digital twin maybe reveals more than what we actually know about ourself. And they can manipulate our real person.

Is it not enough power? No there is something even scarier. We are living in a panopticon, always knowing that somebody can watch us. And you might think, who care? I was really surprised to learn that traffic to wikipedia entries about terrorism dropped after Snowden revelations. So yes, we are now afraid to learn more about our world because we are under surveillance!

If you think like me that this is scary, and you have something to hide, then quit and/or donate to Terms of Service - Didn't Read crowdfunding campaign!

Pierre Ozoux