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Pierre Ozoux

docker/swarm: Swarm: a Docker-native clustering system

Pierre Ozoux

I start to understand the fuss around swarm mode...

1 min read

Ok, I think I'm annoyed (not sure, but almost).

They always said,

"develop against docker api, it will not change."

"Docker run" is just an api call to a server, you can replace the server with a cluster master"

And now, how do you deploy? "docker service create"...

Is all my work around docker-compose compatible? "Yes, we have a crappy and unstable converter!"

Then there is this converter also compose2kube :) I'm sure it is as good, and if I have to switch, I'll switch for the big guys :)

They also have kpm which looks interesting!

And ceph and git support for volumes \o/

In this battle, my position was always to wait with my docker-compose (looking at the less energy consuming path). But @docker, if I have to work to migrate existing compose to whatever, I'll change for the winner!

Go Fork yourself Docker!

Pierre Ozoux

Recommendations to read before a #docker training :)

2 min read

And for after, to go further:

In term of podcats, listen to:

  • podctl start from the beginning, they'll tell you the basics :)
  • The cloudCast Follow the trends on what is happening around the cloud world.

And finally, in Youtube, I recommend following these channels:

And about kubernetes, I recommend the following:

Julia Evans

And you, what would you recommend?

PS: do you know why we say k8s for kubernetes? or i18n for internationalisation?

First letter - number of letter - Last letter, you're welcome!

localisation -> l10n :)

Pierre Ozoux

12 Fractured Apps

1 min read

I laughed :)

"I can hear the silent cheers from hipster “sysadmins” sipping on a cup of Docker Kool-Aid eagerly waiting to suggest using a custom Docker entrypoint to solve our bootstrapping problems."

Really good read about how you should build your applications!

Pierre Ozoux Please no fork... I don't want @docker to be the next vmware... cc @coreoslinux

Pierre Ozoux

Pierre Ozoux

What do you think about inline file in docker-compose? Feature: mount inline file · Issue · docker/compose

Pierre Ozoux

Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production

Pierre Ozoux

Devops Chicago - 2016-04-25 - Bryan Cantrill on Debugging Docker in Production on Vimeo

Pierre Ozoux

These little things that give you smile for the rest of the day!

Enable encryption between mail servers by easybe · Pull Request #2 · indiehosters/docker-postfix