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Pierre Ozoux

I love my blog, you can find a lot of good resources for a sysadmin :) pierre-o's Known

Pierre Ozoux

Looking for partner/co-founder at @IndieHosters

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As you may have heard, Michiel is quitting IndieHosters. Right now, I'm handling everything by myself. There is a lot of work to be done, and it is not yet paying, not even one salary. I would say we have around 70 users (not all are paying, we offer hosting for some associations). I'll share more figures beginning of November.

The last campaign with framasoft brought a lot of attention and this was nice. We got lot of visit on our website, a lot of emails, but only 2 conversions so far. The website needs some attention in the general design and also in the translated version.

I plan one crowdfunding, probably around February. I'd like to aim at 10k€ this time, in order to pay 2 salaries of 1k/month for 2 people during 5 month. With this, I'd like to develop the infrastructure in many ways, and offer a more diverse list of application. Ideas to have better infra would be:

  • use ceph for distributed storage
  • use kubernetes
  • provide an SSO
  • couple odoo with kubernetes or develop our own app (would manage eshop, plus apps management)

So, if you are interested, please email me at

Basically, I need SysAdmin skills. Docker would be a plus, but not really necessary. If you are Business developer/marketting guru, we can discuss about sharing revenue also, but well, for now, there is not much... We are not a startup (and don't want to be) so we have no shares to offer. We can discuss about setting up a coop or whatever you have in mind.

I still think it is for me the best way to help the world be a better place. Nobody is offering free software as a service. We are still the only one doing it! And I want to do it right with you :)

On top, you can learn neat technos like coreOS/docker/kubernetes. I'll share my knowledge with you.

Please RT/Reshare, if you have ideas, I'm open also :)

Pierre Ozoux

Introducing Clouder, how you can easily create and maintain your infrastructure # SysAdmin

Pierre Ozoux