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Pierre Ozoux

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Love your blog post! (And love it is indieweb ;) )

Pierre Ozoux

@clochix @DavidBruant L'indieweb c'est:
- diapsora c'est bien gentil mais tant qu'il n'y aura pas x convaincus, on reste dans l'entre-soit. Ou dit autrement, la valeur d'un réseau social est proportionnelle au nombre d'utilisateur., et donc jamais personne n'utilisera diaspora.
- un réseau social c'est quoi? Un wall (ton blog), un newsfeed (ton lecteur de flux rss) et la possibilité de cross-commenter (pingback, c'est moche, on utilise webmention). Donc pas besoin de réinventer un silo (diaspora) pour cela. Tu peux utiliser WordPress (avc un plugin webmention)

Et surtout, c'est un chemin pour tous en sortir :) (diaspora ne propose pas cela).
Moi j'utilise IndieWeb, si tu l'utilises aussi, alors, je peux te suivre sur RSS et commenter depuis mon blog, on est sauvé! Pour les autres, on poste une copie (POSSE) sur nos twitters/facebook, ils peuvent liker/retweet depuis leur silo, et on ramène ces likes/rt sur notre blog (avec bridgy). Et donc tous le contenu est entre nos mains!

Je t'offre l'hébergement! (Et David aussi :) ) Et aussi le support sur

Pierre Ozoux

Pierre Ozoux

Welcome to the IndieWeb!

Pierre Ozoux

Would be nice ;) - Webmention support (#19080) · Issues · / GitLab Community Edition · GitLab

Pierre Ozoux

Pierre Ozoux

My media consumption/creation

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This post is part of the MOOC Media Literacy.


I actually don't consume news. I just go to twitter 20mins a day, mostly for technical related topics. And I also check my facebook feed for maybe 20mins a day. I usually go there to see if I have notifications or send a message or create an event, but I usually end up scrolling the time line and forgot why I was there in the first place :/ It is usually on these 2 places I get the trending news, without wanting it. Sometimes I click on one or 2 articles but it is pretty rare. I use these tools to follow what interests me in term of technical things and environmental/political issues.

For the rest, I have a bi-monthly Fakir, a quarterly XXI, a bi-yearly 6months and a monthly newspaper Le monde diplomatique. I trust those because they are without ads. They are from left to center on my political compass (people would say from extreme left to far left :) ) XXI and 6 months are really beautiful pieces of Journalism! I really love them.

I'm also a big fan of podcasts. I really love to listen to some of them. I really enjoy listening Terre à terre about environmetal issues, but also comme un bruit qui court. I regret the disparition of Place de la toile and Là bas si j'y suis :/


I'm an IndieWeb believer and I produce allmost all my content here. Nobody can censor me on my Internet piece of land! And I'm really proud of it :) I mainly try to share what I really enjoyed and believe that it could interest some other folks. I'm confused about how to share content as I have mainly friends on the silos. Some are activists, others are normal and some others are technical. I know that the content I share get to them, but I still didn't figure out how to share the right content to the right audience :/ Maybe it is their work to figure out then? (Same issue with the language)

Pierre Ozoux

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Bienvenue dans les joies de l'#IndieWeb!

Pierre Ozoux

Une très bonne introduction à l'#IndieWeb!

Pierre Ozoux

Better than a twitter list, an OPML file! FTW!