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Pierre Ozoux

OuiShare labs - Clarification on the registration process.

2 min read

We receive some feedback that is telling us we are not enough clear in our communication. Here is a clarification. I hope it will help.

For this edition of the labs, we focus more on getting things done. We have expectations, and yes, this is more addressed to creators and makers.

I promise that the goal is not to exclude anybody. As an example, I spend a big chunk of my time in Lisbon to spread the word about crypto, and online privacy. We also started this website: IHaveSomethingToHide.

In my humble opinion, and as already said here, to make a difference in this world we need 3 pillars:

  • Redecentralize (the techno part: framsoft/cozycloud/unhosted/IndieWeb..)
  • Popular Education (install party / crypto party / café vie privée / translation party)
  • Lobby (citizen/political/media: FSF, EFF, Quadrature du net, Pirate Party)

And so this edition of the labs is about how we Redecentralize. It doesn't mean other pillars are less important, but we have to focus on what is important, and what matters.

Maybe I'm wrong, please tell me, but I think it is important to have focus.