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Pierre Ozoux

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Are you Queen Elizabeth?

Pierre Ozoux

Naissance du collectif CHATONS – Framablog

Pierre Ozoux

Résoudre la surpopulation - DBY #29 feat NEXUS VI

Pierre Ozoux

Pierre Ozoux

Nice read - Jessie Frazelle's Blog: Blurred Lines

Pierre Ozoux

docker/swarm: Swarm: a Docker-native clustering system

Pierre Ozoux

I start to understand the fuss around swarm mode...

1 min read

Ok, I think I'm annoyed (not sure, but almost).

They always said,

"develop against docker api, it will not change."

"Docker run" is just an api call to a server, you can replace the server with a cluster master"

And now, how do you deploy? "docker service create"...

Is all my work around docker-compose compatible? "Yes, we have a crappy and unstable converter!"

Then there is this converter also compose2kube :) I'm sure it is as good, and if I have to switch, I'll switch for the big guys :)

They also have kpm which looks interesting!

And ceph and git support for volumes \o/

In this battle, my position was always to wait with my docker-compose (looking at the less energy consuming path). But @docker, if I have to work to migrate existing compose to whatever, I'll change for the winner!

Go Fork yourself Docker!

Pierre Ozoux

via @clochix Malaise : quand YouTube tente de faire taire une youtubeuse - Rue89 - L'Obs

Pierre Ozoux

@uptimerobot integrated with @RocketChatApp \o/

Pierre Ozoux

Recommendations to read before a #docker training :)

2 min read

And for after, to go further:

In term of podcats, listen to:

  • podctl start from the beginning, they'll tell you the basics :)
  • The cloudCast Follow the trends on what is happening around the cloud world.

And finally, in Youtube, I recommend following these channels:

And about kubernetes, I recommend the following:

Julia Evans

And you, what would you recommend?

PS: do you know why we say k8s for kubernetes? or i18n for internationalisation?

First letter - number of letter - Last letter, you're welcome!

localisation -> l10n :)