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Pierre Ozoux

My media consumption/creation

2 min read

This post is part of the MOOC Media Literacy.


I actually don't consume news. I just go to twitter 20mins a day, mostly for technical related topics. And I also check my facebook feed for maybe 20mins a day. I usually go there to see if I have notifications or send a message or create an event, but I usually end up scrolling the time line and forgot why I was there in the first place :/ It is usually on these 2 places I get the trending news, without wanting it. Sometimes I click on one or 2 articles but it is pretty rare. I use these tools to follow what interests me in term of technical things and environmental/political issues.

For the rest, I have a bi-monthly Fakir, a quarterly XXI, a bi-yearly 6months and a monthly newspaper Le monde diplomatique. I trust those because they are without ads. They are from left to center on my political compass (people would say from extreme left to far left :) ) XXI and 6 months are really beautiful pieces of Journalism! I really love them.

I'm also a big fan of podcasts. I really love to listen to some of them. I really enjoy listening Terre à terre about environmetal issues, but also comme un bruit qui court. I regret the disparition of Place de la toile and Là bas si j'y suis :/


I'm an IndieWeb believer and I produce allmost all my content here. Nobody can censor me on my Internet piece of land! And I'm really proud of it :) I mainly try to share what I really enjoyed and believe that it could interest some other folks. I'm confused about how to share content as I have mainly friends on the silos. Some are activists, others are normal and some others are technical. I know that the content I share get to them, but I still didn't figure out how to share the right content to the right audience :/ Maybe it is their work to figure out then? (Same issue with the language)